The Municipal Chief Executive, Hon. Victoria Adu explained the purpose of the meeting. She stated that the revenue mobilization of the Assembly had reduced and called on the various transport unions to help with the improvement of revenue mobilization of the Assembly.

Mr. Shadrack Adu, the Budget Analyst of BCMA, explained that there was the need to inform the various transport unions whenever there was an increase in the charges of the Assembly. He explained that the increase would have to be communicated with the stakeholders to ensure the proper implementation of the various rate of the Assembly. He further explained the proposed increment of the lorry park fees.

Chairman J.K. Owusu requested for a reduction of the transport fees as the fees were too high to enable the Assembly generate income. He added that a reduction would rather encourage compliance and generate more revenue. Chairman Siaw also called on the Assembly to make available the transport stickers early in the year to ensure that the drivers do not buy the stickers at neighboring Assemblies.

The Municipal Chief Executive indicated that there was the need for the drivers who work in the municipality to buy their stickers and embossment in the Municipality.

After a thorough deliberations the meeting decided on the following rates and fees to be paid by the various unions in the Municipality starting on the first day of February, 2023.

1. Taxi = GH¢3.00 per day

2. Urvan and Similar Bus 23 & above Seat = GH¢7.00 per day

3. KIA Trucks = GH¢5.00 per day

4. Cargo Trucks = GH¢33.34 per day

5. Articulated/Cargo Trucks above 10 tons = GH¢41.70 per day

6. Lorry Park Overseers = GH¢13.34 per month

7. Grounds Rent for Crusades, Funerals etc. = GH¢273.40 per day

8. Grounds Rent Exhibitions by Companies/other = GH¢273.40 per day

9. Grounds Rent Exhibitions by Companies/other = GH¢425.10 per night

On her closing remarks, Hon. Victoria Adu tasked the transport union executives to inform their members that the Assembly would be putting signboards to indicate no "No Parking" around the central business district and within the municipality based on the number of hours to prevent people from parking recklessly within the municipality.

The Municipal Chief Executive also stated that the charges should be made effective February 2023 and further stated that in June, the meeting would be organized again.